Important Notice To All Clients


In order to ensure that we are providing clients with the most efficient and best packaging services possible for your product(s), we are auditing the 70,000 SKUs in our system to be sure they reflect a specific packaging preference.


On May 16th, 2002,  we will be instituting a default to “Box” for all SKUs currently not marked with any preference.

Please be assured that if a SKU is already noted as one of the above-referenced preferences, it will not be changed.



If You Want to Dictate a Different Preference, please read further:


Many of you have SKUs that have already been marked with a preference, either by you at the time you completed a SKU Import Template, or after the fact, by EFS at your request, or our recommendation.


Currently, there are three (3) different types of packaging preferences:

  • Box
  • Poly Bag
  • Book Mailer


In the past, if a client did not have a preference, we could trust that our packers would package orders with the applicable choice for “safe travels” to the package destination.


If you have items that you know you want to specifically ship in a “PolyBag”, or “Book Mailer” instead, you can log into your control panel dashboard (Client Info > View Inventory) and click on the “Edit” link at the end of the SKU listing

This will bring up the SKU entry page and you will be able to see at the lower portion of the SKU Options area what container preference is noted.  In this screenshot - "Book Mailer" is shown.  If the field says "None", this is a SKU that we will default to "Box".**





If there is no preference noted and you are not wanting us to default to “Box”, please reach out to your Client Care Representative via Zendesk and they can make sure the correct preference is set for you.


If you have a large number of SKUs that are going to need revisions, or you are not sure if they need updating or not, please let your Client Care rep know and they can send you a SKU Import Template, showing all of your existing SKUs.  You can fill in the packaging preference and send it back and we will import it for you.** 


**This method can only be used if you have 25 or more SKUs that need to be changed or revised. 


We are also asking that all new, and existing clients that have a new SKU coming into us, pick one of the above package preferences and send a support ticket letting our staff know that the new product(s) should have the package preference of your choice marked for you  (Clients are not able to add or change this on their own).


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Client Care Rep via the Zendesk ticket system.


~Linda Sorna, Client Care Manager


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