Searching for an Order

Clients are able to search for a specific order, or orders, in the Fulfillment Control Panel (FCP)  via the Dashboard using filters such as the Order Number (either yours or the EFS Order Number), Customer Name, or by using a Date Range.


1.  Perform a Search for the Order

On your FCP dashboard, select the Orders tab.  From the drop-down menu, select Search/Edit Orders.




2.  Enter Your Search Filter Criteria Into the Field(s)

Enter any applicable order information in any of the search fields provided to search for a specific order, then click the  Search Orders button.

Search Tips:

  • Start with one (1) field on the Search/Edit Orders page

  • Use a date range, filled in under Date Criteria, if you know the date the order was placed
  • Use your Order Number, or the EFS Order Number (if known)*, the order was placed under.

  • View the Search Fields below for more choices if needed.

In the example below - the search filter was by the Customer's Last Name



A list of orders will come up if the Search Filter can find an order with that Last Name.  


3.  Select the Order From the List of Results





4.  Narrow Your Results if Needed

The search for this order brought up several orders, as you can see, therefore you may want to use the "date range" filters as shown, or again, the specific Order Number. 


*Please note:  You most likely won't know the EFS Order # unless you placed the order via your FCP dashboard. 



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