Edit an Existing Order

Clients are able to edit an order in the Fulfillment Control Panel (FCP), via their dashboard without assistance from Customer Service, however, only when the order is still in the Pending status (Yellow/Open box), or, On Hold (Orange/Open Box).  


1.  Locate the Order You Wish to Edit

On your dashboard, from the Orders tab, select Search/Edit Orders, using your search field criteria (below shows the Last Name being used).






2. Edit the Order 

You can edit the order by clicking on the icon to the right, which resembles a piece of paper with the wrench inside.  Edit


Note that the order showing as Processing (Green/Open Box) does not have the  Edit option.



When you click on the icon with the wrench, it will bring up the order details (the page/format is the same as the Create a New Order page) which allow you to pick and choose the areas that you need to edit.  

You can edit Billing Information or Shipping Information, Ship Via, and/or the quantities in the Products area.  Any field on that order form can be edited at that time.  

Once you have completed your edits, at the bottom of the page, you will click on the Update Order button.




3.  Verify Your Changes 

The next page will indicate the changes you have made and ask you to once again Update Order.  Please make sure you verify the changes are accurate before you click that button.  To the left of that button, you will see that you will receive an email notification confirming the order has been updated.




4.  Confirm the Order is Updated

The next screen should show the message below, indicating that your order has been updated.



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