Well, here we are already into the second week of January 2022!  Something tells me another year is going to fly by........


I wanted to post a short reminder to all clients to remember to make sure we have a complete and accurate packing list for all shipments coming into the warehouse.  This means:


  • All SKUs are listed as the SKUs shown in the Fulfillment Control Panel (if your manufacturer uses another SKU or item number, please cross-reference on the packing list).
  • You have the specific counts for each SKU separately.
  • If you have individual SKUS and case quantity SKUs the same rule applies; provide the count or each as they are managed and stored in separate locations.


Secondly, please be sure that you are completing the ASN form as soon as you know a shipment is planned.  If you do not have the tracking at the time you fill it out, you can always go back and add it.  The most important thing is for us to know there is a shipment coming, the number of SKUs and quantities.  There is also an area on the ASN to let us know if your products will require any kitting, bagging or labeling.


Containers, or shipments with more than 24 pallets must be scheduled via the ASN form under your client name. 


Following these rules will help avoid non-compliance fees, and helps us process your inventory into stock as quickly as possible.


If you have any questions, please reach out to the Customer Service Department, or your Client Care Rep via the Zendesk ticket system.


~Linda Sorna, Client Care Manager




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