It is our policy for any inventory coming into EFS that has damaged or defective items, to be placed in a "hurt" bin. These can be items that come back in a customer's return or items from a new shipment. We ask that clients inform us within 30 days of that placement into the "hurt" bin, whether or not they want the item(s) returned to them or discarded. You are sent an email notification whenever we process a return, and also an inventory damages/discrepancies report for new shipments, and you should use those notifications to track when items are being placed into the "hurt" category.


We will now be more actively enforcing this policy, due to limited space in this area, and ask that you please review the information below.


Please monitor items in your "hurt" bin and the date they are placed there so that you can proactively inform our Inventory Control Department how you want these items handled before the 30-day mark, via the Zendesk ticket system.

You can view "Hurt" inventory listings via the "View Inventory" tab under "Client Info", and also by running the "Inventory Spreadsheet" report from the "Reports" menu. Be sure to select "Show only SKUs with a hurt Inventory greater than zero".

Please check your dashboard instead of asking staff to let you know what is in the bin.


The only time that EFS will reach out to you is if your "hurt" bin becomes full prior to the 30-day mark.  If the 30-day mark passes and you have not contacted us to tell us otherwise, we will dispose of the items in our "hurt" bin.


If you have any questions about this notice, please contact Customer Service via the Zendesk ticket system.


~Linda Sorna, Client Care Manager


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