Recommended “Ship By” dates to arrive by December 25th, 2021

Please keep in mind that these are the recommended cut-off dates issued by the carriers, however, we recommend adding two (2) additional business days to these dates, based on what we have seen in terms of service levels and inconsistency over the past several months due to COVID-19 pandemic (this would be in addition to the times EFS requires for order processing). *

If there are any additional updates we feel should be made, we will inform you as soon as possible – this includes but is not limited to international shipping suspensions and delays, and any other service issues we see arising during the coming season.

Situations can change daily for international shipments.


*Please remember that you should add at least two (2) additional business days to these dates for the required order processing time as well.




First Class Mail                                    December 17th, 2021

Priority Mail                                        December 18th, 2021

Priority Mail Express                           December 23rd, 2021


APO/FPO/DPO AE ZIPs 090-92        via Priority Mail                               December 9th, 2021

APO/FPO/DPO AE ZIP 093               via Priority Mail                               December 9th, 2021

APO/FPO/DPO AE ZIPs 094-098      via Priority Mail                               December 9th, 2021

APO/FPO/DPO AA ZIP 340              via Priority Mail                               December 9th, 2021

APO/FPO/DPO AP ZIPs 962-966     via Priority Mail                               December 9th, 2021






                                          First Class Int'l                 Priority Mail Int'l             Priority Mail Express Int'l

Africa                                    November 29th                  November 29th                           December 6th    


Asia/Pacific Rom                   December 6th                     December 6th                      December 13th


Australia                               December 6th                     December 6th                      December 13th


New Zealand                        December 6th                     December 6th                      December 13th


Canada                                 December 6th                     December 6th                      December 13th


Caribbean                            December 6th                      December 6th                      December 13th


Central/South America        November 29th                   November 29th                    December 6th


Mexico                                 December 6th                    December 6th                       December 13th


Europe                                 December 6th                     December 6th                       December 13th                              

Middle East                         December 6th                     December 6th                       December 13th




DHL EXPEDITED MAX                                                   December 16th  

DHL PARCEL ZONAL EXPEDITED                                  December 14th

DHL PARCEL PLUS EXPEDITED                                     December 14th

DHL PARCEL ZONAL GROUND                                    December 10th




                                                         DHL Parcel International Standard           DHL Packet International

African Countries                             November 16th                                              November 16th


Australia                                           November 24th                                               November 24th


Brazil                                                November 16th                                                               December 16th


Canada                                              December 1st                                                December 1st    


Eastern Europe                                  November 30th                                             November 23rd                 


France                                                December 3rd                                               December 3rd                   


Germany                                            December 6th                                               December 3rd                   


Hong Kong                                        November 29th                                             November 24th                  


Israel                                                  November 30th                                             November 26th                 


Japan                                                 December 2nd                                               November 29th


Mexico                                               November 15th                                             November 15th                 


New Zealand                                      November 24th                                             November 24th                                 

Rest of Asia                                        November 29th                                              November 19th                 

Rest of Latin America                         November 16th                                              November 16th 


Russia                                                 November 17th                                              November 16th                                 

Thailand                                              November 24th                                             November 24th                                 

United Kingdom                                 December 10th                                              December 8th                   


Western Europe                                  December 3rd                                                December 1st


France                                                 December 3rd                                                December 8th                                     

Germany                                             December 6th                                                 December   3rd                                  

Hong Kong                                          November 29th                                              November 24th                                

Israel                                                     November 30th                                             November 26th                               

Japan                                                    December 2nd                                               November 29th


Mexico                                                 November 15th                                              November 15th                               

New Zealand                                        November 24th                                             November 24th                               

Rest of Asia                                           November 29th                                             November 19th                 

Rest of Latin America                           November 16th                                              November 16th 


Russia                                                   November 17th                                              November 16th                                 

Thailand                                               November 24th                                              November 24th                                 

United Kingdom                                  December 10th                                              December 8th                    

Western Europe                                   December 3rd                                                December 1st




FedEx Ground Contiguous U.S.                                      December 15th

FedEx Home Delivery                                                     December 15th

FedEx Ground Alaska & Hawaii                                     December 15th

FedEx Home Delivery Alaska & Hawaii                          December 15th

FedEx Ground Economy (Formerly SmartPost)              December 9th


FedEx Express Saver                                                       December 21st

FedEx 2-Day                                                                   December 22nd

FedEx Standard Overnight                                             December 23rd



                                                            FedEx International Economy               FedExInternationalPriority

Puerto Rico                                          December 22nd                                        N/A                                                      

Canada                                                 December 17th                                        December 18th


Mexico                                                 December 21st                                         December 22nd


Other Destinations                              December 10th                                         December 16th




As always, if you have any questions about this announcement, please contact Customer Service via the Zendesk ticket system.


~Linda Sorna, Client Care Manager







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