September 3rd, 2021


To all Clients ~


As we are coming into the 4th quarter and the busy holiday season, we want to remind you about the importance of providing accurate packing lists before your shipments arrive.  If a packing list is not received WITH the shipment or emailed prior to the shipment arriving, there is a $50.00 non-compliance fee assessed.  

We all know the issues with the supply chain at this time and some of your shipments are being held up in customs, at freight hubs, etc., as a result.  Therefore, when we finally receive the shipment, we want to be sure that when it goes into the queue it can be processed accordingly without interruption.


If you are not sure that your manufacturer/supplier will supply a packing list:


  • Email the packing list via the ticket system and our Customer Service Department will make sure that it gets to the Receiving Department.  Reference the shipment information (tracking, p.o. #, ETA) and it is always a good idea to confirm you have completed the ASN.
  • Make sure your packing list includes the SKUS you have entered in EFS' control panel dashboard and the total count expected for each SKU in that shipment.
  • If you have Case SKUs and Single SKUs for a product, please include a breakdown of the amounts you want to enter into each separately.
  • A good rule of thumb might be to make a note to check with your supplier, or just send a copy you have when you fill out the ASN.  


It has been a year and a half of "ups and downs" for all of us.  EFS continues to recruit and hire staff but still faces obstacles as the unemployment stipend ends, virtually every business in our area is short-staffed and there are hundreds of jobs available in the surrounding communities.  We play up on the benefits we offer that other businesses do not.

We are working hard to make the best plans possible and put strategies in place for the upcoming holiday season.


If you have questions about this announcement, please reach out to Customer Service or your account representative via the Zendesk Ticket System.


As always, we thank you for your patronage and your patience over the past year and a half.  


~Linda Sorna, Client Care Manager










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    Sometimes, including the email address to which I am to send the advance packing list would be greatly appreciated. I will seek until I find.

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