TO ALL EFS CLIENTS                                   

April 27th, 2021


On April 12th, 2021, I posted this same announcement.  I am reposting today as we remain at three (3) business days behind, and we want to update you on the current state of affairs.  We continue to be plagued with staff shortages on a daily basis - the majority of the call-ins are related to COVID-19 symptoms, quarantines, and employees that have tested positive for the virus.


We understand, without question, the impact the current delays in our order processing times have on your business, your relationship with your customers, and, subsequently, your sales and revenue.

Michigan is currently the "hot spot" for the recent surge in COVID-19 outbreaks. We have a daily screening for our employees and if any symptoms are shown or they have come in contact with any person exposed to the virus, they are required to leave and quarantine 3-10 days, depending on the situation.

This has once again, added to us being short-staffed quite often in any given week. This is not just an "empty" excuse, but rather the same problem that businesses here in northern Michigan have struggled with for months, coupled with the fact that unemployment benefits are still being supplemented, and in many cases almost double what a person would normally make in a week in our area.

A surge in e-Commerce order volume was also forecasted as soon as the recent round of stimulus checks started being distributed, and once again our order volume has skyrocketed above the normal average for this time of year.


Our staff is working mandatory overtime daily, and Saturdays. We have had a Sunday crew for some time.


Again, this is not something we take lightly as we understand you count on us to get your orders out the door in a timely fashion. The CEO, COO, and Human Resources Manager are also working tirelessly to brainstorm and strategize recruiting to hire additional staff. This has been a constant endeavor on their part for several months.

I have had some clients say that we should have adapted to this situation by now, however, for the reasons outlined above, it is not an easy thing to adapt to, and not for lack of trying on our part.


This announcement is being made, along with my daily updates on our current status for Receiving and Returns, as our customer service staff has no additional information other than what I am posting here, and I will continue to update you daily.


I recommend that you put a disclaimer on your website for your customers indicating there might be delays in the shipping of their orders.  I am not suggesting that this is a "fix-it-all" solution, however, I think that transparency helps shoppers to manage their expectations somewhat better.


We are more than grateful and appreciative for your patience this past year and the outpouring of "thanks" for remaining open during this pandemic has been what keeps the team going on the most difficult days.




Linda Sorna, Client Care Manager


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    Sorry to read about this news... hang in and urge people to get vaccinated.

    Brian, Parkwest.


    Any chance of learning if Parkwest had an incoming shipment RECEIVED on April 22? Fedex says they delivered but no word from you.

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    Marc CML

    Sorry for your struggles. I imagine it's not easy to live and operate in a place where the government is overregulating and restricting everything. Your management has been strategizing for months? I have a suggestion: Open a second facility in another state that is easier to operate in. Or find a similar service provider with more capacity in another state to partner with, and offload some fulfillment to them as needed.

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