May 1st, 2020


DHL International Replaces Asendia

We have replaced Asendia with DHL for international shipments. For clients using Asendia for international shipping, the switch is automatic, meaning any settings you have in your shopping cart integrations will automatically map to the applicable DHL service. 

For the past few months, we have been offering DHL as an economical domestic carrier, and we were also able to add DHL International's services as well. Later this spring, we planned to replace Asendia with DHL International, given DHL's zone-based rate system and streamlined network. Because of some changes with our transportation software, however, we have made that move earlier than expected. The transition went according to plan and all the current Asendia orders moved to the DHL services seamlessly.

DHL Rates Similar Overall, Some Savings 
Overall, we expect shipping rates with DHL to be similar to Asendia, although DHL's zone-based rates will surely benefit some clients, who may have been overpaying with Asendia's "Rest-of-the-World" rate based rates on averages. 

Better Service with DHL Network 

While both DHL and Asendia use local postal carriers for the final leg, DHL has a more robust network to international countries, and clients may benefit from a service improvement there. 

Of course, clients are also able to use FedEx and USPS for international shipments in addition to DHL.


If you have questions, our Client Care and Customer Service teams are always here to help you.  Please contact us via the Zendesk ticket system.

-Your team at eFulfillment Service, Inc.
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