You have probably noticed on your "View Inventory" page that there is an entry indicating there is "Hurt" inventory, and also displaying the number of units (Client Info>View Inventory).

We have added this to the your dashboard view so that it helps you keep better track of the number of units you have in your "hurt" bin and that you might notify us on a more regular basis of what you would like done with these items that cannot be returned to "good" stock.

You can set a standing order for your hurt items that they are instantly disposed of, or shipped back to you, but we do ask that you review this entry every couple of weeks so that the "hurt" bin does not become overloaded with items.  

If you have any questions, please contact your Client Care Representative for additional information and to set up a standing order for the processing of your "hurt" inventory.

Thank you!

Linda Sorna, Client Care Manager










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