For some time, EFS has allowed SKUs for clients to be entered without the Customs information and Country of Origin, which is required for customs paperwork on international shipments.  We have previously triaged these missing elements at the ship station when an issue arises.  
As the number of clients we have on board has grown over the past few years, it has become more and more difficult to handle this on behalf of the clients.  Because of this, and in view of the fact that we are also readying to transition to a new Warehouse Management system, we are needing to be sure that all clients' SKUs are compliant.
You will now be required when you are entering or editing a SKU, to complete the Customs Harmonization, Customs Harmonization Code and Country of Origin fields before the system will allow you to "save" the entry/update.
Again, these fields are:
Customs Harmonization
Customs Harmonization Code
Country of Origin
Customs Harmonization can be just a general description - "clock", "nutritional supplement", "face cream", "apparel", etc.  The Country of Origin is where the item is manufactured.  
The Customs Harmonization Code is a little more "tricky", so below is a link to a tool you can use to locate this numerical code that best applies to your product.  Here is the link:
On the attached screenshots you will see what appears on the page when I entered "t-shirt".  It brings up a listing of descriptions.  Again, pick the "closest" category, or "other" if you don't feel any listed therein properly applies.  I then clicked to expand the "men's" category and you can see the different listings and the numerical code in the lefthand column that pertains to the listing.  
Another option is to look at any customs/import paperwork you might have if your product is imported and see if the information might be on there.  You could also contact your customs broker and let them know you need the Customs Harmonization Code (not the Commodity Class).
As always, if you have any questions at all, please contact us through the Zendesk system and any customer service representative or account representative can help you.
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