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In order to begin setting up your integration between eFulfillmentService and BigCommerce, you will first need to set up an API account in your BigCommerce admin panel.

You will find this option under Advanced Settings, as illustrated in the following series of images.




You will enter a name to associate with this API key.  This can technically be anything you want, but we suggest you choose something you will easily associate with eFulfillmentService.

At this time, you will also want to copy the API path that is displayed.  You will need this for later steps.




You will set the following API authorizations.



Be sure to copy the ClientId, ClientSecret and Access Token to some place safe, as this information will be needed later, but can only be viewed at the time of creation.


You have now created your API Account, and can move on to creating the integration itself in the eFulfillmentService Control Panel.

In the EFS Fulfillment Control Panel you will go to Integration > Add New Integration.

Then choose BigCommerce3 from the dropdown list.

On the following screen you will enter the information you collected from the previous steps.
(API Token in the image below equates to the Access Token in the image above)

You should copy and paste this information for accuracy.

After doing this, you can set other options as desired.


Once you have completed this, your integration should be set up and able to connect to your cart API.
At this time you may wish to set up Shipping Method Mappings.


Shipping Methods

When we retrieve your orders from Big Commerce the shipping methods are shown as strings of text such as “Free Shipping” or “USPS International Express” or “Federal Express Ground”. This text needs to be translated to our internal codes by setting up mappings within the integration configuration.

From your Fulfillment Control Panel account choose View Integrations from the Integration menu and then click the “envelope” icon to view existing shipping mappings.


Carefully type or “copy and paste” the exact text of your shipping method options from Big Commerce into the Cart Shipping Method field, then choose from the list of available shipping methods. Next, click the “Add Mapping” button, and then click the link in the success message to refresh the list (you will need to do this before you can add another method).


Please Note: Depending on the setup of your Shipping Methods in your Big Commerce store. Big Commerce may append additional text to the shipping method that you setup. To check if this is happening submit a test order from your store and then in the FCP under the View Integrations page click on the shopping cart to "Show Pending / Filtered Orders". As you can see in this example:

What was entered into Big Commerce: USPS

What Big Commerce Sent to EFS: USPS (PRIORITY MAIL)

What you need to enter in the FCP: USPS (PRIORITY MAIL)

However if you look at the second PENDING order Big Commerce didn't append anything to the end so you should set this method up as follows.

What was entered in Big Commerce: FREE SHIPPING

What Big Commerce Sent to EFS: FREE SHIPPING

What you need to enter in the FCP: FREE SHIPPING

Shipment & Tracking Updates

At the end of each day we will send tracking numbers back to Big Commerce, for orders shipped that day, and update items as shipped.

View Items and Inventory Sync

To learn more about the View Items list and Inventory Syncing, please see the following link.

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