3dCart Rest API Integration


These instructions will show you how to set up and configure your integration between 3dCart and eFulfillmentService.

Enable the 3D Cart API

From your 3D Cart admin area choose the Module section then find the module for the REST API.


Once you have enabled the REST API Module, you will need to add an APP


When you attempt to add the APP, it will request a Public Key.
Enter the following: 9efa495ae7489491ebe0bc11090186ed

(You should be able to copy and paste this)

After entering this key and selecting Save, you will be prompted with the following Authorization window.  


You will want to ensure that the permissions for Orders and Products are both set to Read and Write.  This should be the default setting.

On the resulting pop-op window you will see a Finish Setup button.  Be sure to click this to complete the process.

After this you will presented with another pop-up window that will require you to enter some of your basic EFS Fulfillment Control Panel settings.

Login Name and Password: Here you will enter your EFS Control Panel login credentials.

Order Filters and Order Status: (See Order Status section below)

Distributors & Dropshipping:  (See Distributors section below)

Once you have 

To verify that we can connect to your 3D Cart store choose View Integrations from the Integration menu. For each integration you have configured you will see a set of options displayed as colored icons. Click the “suitcase” icon to view the items in your 3D Cart store.


You should see a searchable list of products from your 3D Cart store. The list will indicate if the product SKU matches a SKU in our system.

If you do not see a list of products and, instead, see an error message it is likely that your Store URL, API User Key, or one of the other integration options has been entered incorrectly. Please verify these settings and try again.


Shipment & Tracking Updates

Approximately every 4 hours we will send tracking numbers back to 3D Cart, for orders shipped that day.


Shipping Methods

When we retrieve your orders from 3D Cart the shipping methods are shown as strings of text such as “Free Shipping” or “USPS International Express” or “Federal Express Ground”. This text needs to be translated to our internal codes by setting up mappings within the integration configuration.

From your Fulfillment Control Panel account choose View Integrations from the Integration menu and then click the “envelope” icon to view existing shipping mappings.


Carefully type or “copy and paste” the exact text of your shipping method options from 3D Cart into the Cart Shipping Method field, then choose from the list of available shipping methods. Next, click the “Add Mapping” button, and then click the link in the success message to refresh the list (you will need to do this before you can add another method). 


Optional Features

We also have a feature which will synchronize the available inventory counts from our warehouse back to your 3D Cart store. This is useful if you don't want to sell products that are out of stock (For detailed information on our View Items page see our standalone guide).

With 3D Cart things can get a little complicated if you sell items with options such as "Size" and "Color". However, if you are selling individual products with single product SKUs or ID's it's much simpler.

The following screenshot shows the "View Items" page for a 3D Cart integration in the Fulfillment Control Panel.


The Cart SKU column shows us the product SKUs as we see them in 3D Cart.

We can see two different products. "WIDGET" is a single SKU product that already matches a SKU in the Fulfillment Control Panel. To enable syncing of available inventory for "WIDGET" we simply need to click the green "play" button in the Options section. This will activate the product for syncing. Once that is completed the Status will show as "ACTIVE".


The integration also offers the ability to Filter Countries using a comma delimitated list of country codes. If the list is populated, the integration will only pull orders that match any country code within the list provided.  For example, if you only wanted to pull orders for North America, you would enter "US,CA,MX" for United States, Canada, and Mexico respectively.  If the list is left blank (as is default) the integration will simply pull in all orders regardless of country of origin. 


Related Features within the Cart


If you intend to use product variants, you will need to set the product "SKU" into the CODE column found in the Advanced Options section of the Product Options (see below).

This CODE is the SKU value that will be passed to EFS with the order, to denote which products are contained in an order.






Each master item (not each variant) can be set to be fulfilled by a specified Distribution Center.  This can be useful if some of your products are fulfilled by EFS and others by Amazon, another dropshipper, or even manually.

You will first need to create the Distribution Centers through the Settings > General > Distributors section of your admin panel in 3dCart.


Once you have created the entry for a Distributor you would like to use, you will also need to associate that Distributor with each item that should use it in the individual item's product information page.

First though, you should take note of the Distributor Id.  You can find this by going to the Edit page for that Distributor and inspecting the URL.  The numeric value at the end of the URL will be the ID for that particular Distributor.


Setting the Distributor for an item:


Please Note:  If you are using the Distributors option in the EFS Fulfillment Control Panel, we will only retrieve the items from an order that are associated with the Distributor/Distributor ID that you have listed in your FCP settings.

Order Status

Order Statuses are an important aspect of 3dCart and your integration.  EFS will only pull orders that are set to a specific status as dictated in your integration settings in the EFS Control Panel.
Once an order is fulfilled and tracking information is sent back, we will change the status of this order to another status you have specified.
Provided you have not set the Order Status Id in your integration settings to 0, we will also change the initial status to denote that the order has been pulled in and is being processed.

These statuses are customizable in your cart, so we've provided a brief overview of where to find the list.




You will want to be certain you are entering the correct matching numeric value shown to the left of the status into your Order Status Id, Processing Status Id and Shipped Status Id fields in your FCP settings.

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