Channel Advisor

Integration Setup

To set up your integration between EFS and Channel Advisor, you will first need to obtain your ProfileID from Channel Advisor for the account you are integrating with EFS.

You should be able to find this by going to My Accounts > Developer Network > Account Authorizations in the Channel Advisor user interface.


If you have multiple accounts in Channel Advisor, each account will have it's own ProfileID.  Be sure to provide the correct ID for the specific account you wish to have associated.  In the event that you wish to integrate multiple accounts, you will need a separate integration for each account.

You will then need to submit a ticket to the eFulfillmentService support system, with the ProfileID included.  This will be delivered to the IT team to trigger the request for Developer Access to your account. 
After the request has been triggered you will see a listing in the bottom area indicated in the image above.
You will then need to accept the request (this option will be available in the Actions section at the far right) and copy the AccountID associated with the Developer Access request.

Once you have this AccountID, enter the EFS Fulfillment Control Panel and select Integrations > Add New Integration.
From the dropdown menu, choose Channel Advisor.

On the next screen, you will enter your settings for the integration.

Enter the Account ID from Channel Advisor in the first box shown in the image below.



Distribution Center Code

You will need to set up a distribution center in Channel Advisor, and list the associated distribution center code in the second box of this screen.

For information regarding the setup of distribution centers in Channel Advisor, please see the following documentation from Channel Advisor.
(the URL is correct, but ChannelAdvisor's support center internal search appears to reroute the link request to a failed endpoint.  Copy and paste the URL into your browser, or see the image below)


Item Label

You can set an Item Label, and EFS will only retrieve information regarding those items in Channel Advisor that have this label.

You can find more information regarding the creation and use of Item Labels in Channel Advisor by visiting the following link.


Interval to Retrieve Orders

Choose an option from the dropdown to set your preferred interval of order retrieval attempts.


Interval to Sync Inventory

Choose an option from the dropdown to set your preferred interval of attempts to sync inventory counts from EFS to Channel Advisor.

Store Nickname

If you plan to have multiple Channel Advisor integrations you can identify them within the Fulfillment Control Panel with a nickname suffix.

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