Walmart Integration

Setting up your Integration

Gathering Credentials
To begin the setup of your Walmart integration with eFulfillmentService, you will need a CLientID and SecretKey, which are obtained from Walmart's Developer Portal.
(note:  these are different than any similarly named values in your FCP account settings)

Below is a link to Walmart's documentation with instructions for generating this information via delegated access.


While creating the delegated authorization key,  eFulfillment will need the following access permissions in order to fulfill your orders.  



Create the Integration
Once you have the ID and Key, you can begin the setup of your integration with EFS by selecting the Integrations > Add Integration option in the EFS Fulfillment Control panel.

In the following dropdown, choose Walmart from the list of available integrations.


On the following page, enter the Consumer Id and Private Key (or delegated equivalents) you received from Walmart in the steps above.FCPWalmartSettings.png

After you've entered the ID and Key, set the rest of your options according to the available choices in the dropdown menus.  When finished, select the Add New integration button and your integration will be created.

Once your Integration has been added, you can confirm your integration is properly connecting eFulfillmentService and Walmart by attempting to view your items list.
In your list of available integrations, as seen by choosing Integrations > View Integrations from the top menu bar in your EFS Fulfillment Control Panel, choose the "briefcase" icon from the relevant option icons on the right hand side of the screen.


NOTE:  We do not pull orders that have been 'Acknowledged'.  Please do not mark them as such, or the integration will simply skip over them.

At the time we do pull an order, we send an 'Acknowledged' status to the cart for the order.

Item Listing & Inventory Syncing

For detailed information concerning the View Items and Inventory Sync options in the EFS Fulfillment Control Panel, follow this link.

***  These instructions may be subject to addition or alteration at a future date ***

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