Walmart Integration


Setting Up Your Walmart Integration

Step 1: Gathering Credentials

To begin the setup of your Walmart integration with eFulfillmentService, you will need a ClientID and SecretKey, which are obtained from Walmart's Developer Portal.
(note:  these are different than any similarly named values in your FCP account settings)

Below is a link to Walmart's documentation with instructions for generating this information via delegated access.

While creating the delegated authorization key, eFulfillment will need the following access permissions in order to fulfill your orders.  



Step 2: Create the Integration

Once you have the ID and Key, you are ready to create your Walmart integration in our Integration Portal. Login to the Integration Portal, and on the integrations tab, you will see a blue button labeled “+ Add:”

This will give you a list of available integration platforms, from which you should select Walmart.  This will lead you to a screen where you can configure your Walmart integration’s settings:

The values you will need to input are as follows:

Integration Name

Simply pick a recognizable name for the integration, it must be one word with only letters or numbers, no spaces or special characters.

Client ID

This is the client ID you looked up your Walmart’s portal in Step 1.

Client Secret

This is the SecretKey you looked up in your Walmart portal in Step 1.

Order/Inventory Sync Schedule

The schedule at which you want the integration portal to pull orders from your cart or push inventory changes to your cart.


The number of days backward you would like the integration to pull orders; orders older than this date will not be pulled in by the integration.

Save Your Integration

Once you have filled in all the fields above, you can then click the blue “Save Integration” button at the bottom of the page in order to complete your integration setup.  This should bring you back to the main integration tab where you will see your new integration:

At this point, you can refresh your cart items to confirm that the integration has been setup successfully, and if so, your items from the Walmart store should load.  Once this has been completed, you can setup any SKU or Ship mappings you require for your integration, and then you can turn on your integration by switching the order and inventory sync toggles.

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