Ecwid Integration

These instructions are to assist in setting up your Ecwid integration with eFulfillmentservice.

-Please Note-
If you are a brand new client to EFS, that has never had any integration with us, you will need to contact your client rep before proceeding.  Inform them that you are choosing to use the Ecwid integration but are a new client, and they will perform some pre-setup work to get things ready.

Once they have completed that, you can proceed with the rest of the instructions shown below.

Integration Setup and Settings
Setting up the integration between your Ecwid cart and the EFS control panel is quite simple.

In the Ecwid App store you will find the eFullfilment Service app, which you will need to install in your Ecwid cart. (see link for assistance)

After installing the eFulfillment Service App from the Ecwid App store, you will use your eFulfillmentService "FCP" (Fulfillment Control Panel) login credentials when prompted.

Once you have entered your FCP credentials and successfully logged in, the app will ask you to select your integration settings. After selecting these settings and pressing the submit button, the app will automatically create your integration for you.
After the app has created your integration, it will automatically redirect you to the overview page where you can see the status of your integration and an overview of your pending orders. (Pending according to the criteria listed in the integration, not necessarily all orders in the Ecwid cart itself).
You can also revisit this overview page through Ecwid any time you re-open the app after a successful installation.

While the eFulfillmentService app will initially set up all required settings to integrate your cart with our service, there are some features to note that may be useful in some cases.  These can all be found in the Integration Settings area for your cart in the Fullfillment Control Panel.

-Payment Status

While "paid" is the most common option for this setting, you can choose to have your integration retrieve orders that are set to "awaiting_payment" if you prefer.Screen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_8.08.07_AM.png

-Fulfillment Status

In the case of Fulfillment Status, "awaiting_processing" is the default option, and likely the best for most users.  However, there are several to choose from.


-Order Age
Age of orders in days. Orders created within X days of history will be retrieved. This value can be set to 3,5,7, or 14 via the dropdown.
By default, this is set to 5.

Your integration will only retrieve orders that match all of the criteria detailed in the integration settings listed above.  
If you modify the settings, please be certain that the orders you intend to have processed by EFS also match all of the criteria.

Shipping Methods & Mapping

When we retrieve your orders from Ecwid the shipping methods are shown as strings of text such as  “U.S.P.S. PRIORITY MAIL 2-DAY™” or “FedEx 3rd Day Freight”. 

This text needs to be translated to our internal codes by setting up mappings within the integration configuration.

From your Fulfillment Control Panel account choose View Integrations from the Integration menu and then click the “envelope” icon to view existing shipping mappings.


Once in the shipping method mapping page for your integration, you will set up mappings by entering the text for the cart shipping method, assigning a warehouse shipping method from the dropdown list, and then choosing whether Signature Service is required.



EFulfillmentService performs inventory syncing with your Ecwid shopping cart by default.  

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    Pavel Khylstov

    when trying to add an integration, the first line you need to enter is the access token, where should I get this data? Is it the password for the ecwid site or something else?

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