February 16th, 2024




Many of you work through our Prep Department for your large freight shipments.  While we understand it can be difficult at times to handle the freight arrangements on your own, our policy is that palletized freight orders must leave our warehouse within five (5) business days after you receive notification that the order is completed, and the pallet weights and dimensions are provided to you.


There are hundreds of large palletized freight shipments that are processed through the Prep Department weekly, and the staging areas are almost always full.  There is a typical in-and-out flow that keeps things moving and opens up space daily.  If, however, there are orders in this area that we are waiting on paperwork for after five (5) business days, it affects the staging area rotation, and will finally result in us having to move the shipment to another area, which also makes it cumbersome for both the Prep Department and Inventory Control.


Our policy is that, if after five (5) business days, the shipment is still here at the warehouse, and we have not had any updates from you that would allow us to give a small extension to that timeline, we will cancel the order, unpack it, and put your inventory back into stock.  


You will be charged for all labor required to perform this task.  If you have to place the order again, all standard fees will apply to pull, pack, and prep the order for shipping again.


When you place an order such as this, we respectfully ask that you have your shipping plan in place and stay in communication with our team, to provide the necessary documents as soon as the order is completed.


If you have any questions about this policy, please reach out to your Client Care Account Specialist via the Zendesk ticket support system.


We thank you for your understanding.


~Linda Sorna, Client Care Manager




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