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This document is targeted for customers who have selected Etsy as their shopping cart option and outlines the steps necessary to allow EFS to collect order data from Etsy and insert it into our fulfillment system.

EFS will pull all orders from Etsy that are in a status of PAID and not SHIPPED and create matching orders in the EFS Fulfillment Control Panel (FCP). After the order ships, tracking information will be sent to Etsy and the order marked as shipped. 



The eFulfillment Service APP is no longer available in the Etsy Marketplace.
However, you can connect directly to Etsy in our integration portal by following this link:

Before proceeding with the installation and setup of your integration there is a bit of information you will need to collect from your Etsy account.

1) Your Etsy shop name
2) Your Etsy User ID

You can find your Etsy shop name in the Sales Channel section of the Shop Manager sidebar.



Your Etsy User Id requires a couple of steps as Etsy doesn't just show you your User Id number it is 'hidden' in the URL of your site. From the top right You menu, on your Etsy site, select View Profile. 

Then, on your profile page, right click the page and choose "View Page Source" (Chrome) or "Show Page Source" (Safari).  This will open the page inspection tool in your browser (other browsers may have slightly different wording for the tool, but the results should be similar).

Once the inspector is open, you should be able to see the "data-user-id" followed by a number. This number is your User Id.

Note:  The number shown in the following image will not be your user-id.  You will need to gather your own as described above.

Here is a zoomed in version of the above image.


Now, you have the required information to complete the setup process in our integration portal:

Once you are signed into your integration portal account you will be prompted to add a new Etsy integration.

For the next step, you will give your integration a name, choose the synchronization schedules, and enter the information you previously collected from your Etsy account:

Once you have filled in this information and selected Save Integration you will be redirected back to Etsy to approve the permissions our app needs to interact with your data.


Etsy will ask you to sign in if you have not already done so:


Next, Etsy will prompt you to grant permissions:

Finally, you will be redirected back to the integration portal to which completes the installation process. You will likely want to create your Shipping Method Mappings at this point. (See Below).


Shipment & Tracking Updates

There is an approximately 4 hour delay from the time we ship an order until we send tracking numbers back to Etsy.

Shipping Methods

When we retrieve your orders from Etsy the shipping methods are shown as strings of text such as “United States” or “Everywhere” or “USPS First Class Mail”. This text needs to be translated to our internal codes by setting up mappings within the integration configuration. Each listing in Etsy shows what ship methods are valid for that listing as shown below.

It will look like this is if you are using standard shipping per destination country:

Note: In the above example Etsy will send standard shipping regardless of the countries you have listed. So you will want to enter DOMESTIC or INTERNATIONAL in the "Cart Shipping Method" field when setting it up.

If you are using "calculated shipping profile" option then your listing will look like this:

Note: With these ship methods copy and paste the text EXACTLY how it is listed above into the "Cart Shipping Method" field.

From your integration portal account choose "Ship Maps" from the Integration config you just created. Alternatively, if you have more than one config with the same shipping options, you can create "Global Ship Maps" that apply everywhere.

Carefully type or “copy and paste” the exact text of your shipping method options from Etsy into the Cart Method field, then choose from the list of available shipping methods. Next, click the “Save” button (you will need to do this before you can add another method). Repeat this until all of your cart ship methods are mapped to our internal codes.


Optional Features

We also have a feature which will synchronize the available inventory counts from our warehouse back to your Etsy store. This is useful if you don't want to sell products that are out of stock. If you are interested in this feature you will need to abide by the the limitation mentioned earlier in this article and have a separate listing for each variation (color / size) of an item. 

If you are interested in this feature more information on Inventory Syncing can be found in our standalone guide located here.

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  • 1
    Ebele Okocha

    For anyone who had a struggle like I did locating the shop/user ID number, I found this very helpful tool. Just paste your shop name and it auto generates shop ID number.

  • 0
    Stephen - Main Contact

    I can't find "contact" under the new etsy profile,  Where is that located?

  • 0
    Dev Team


    You should be able to find the steps to retrieve your User ID in the instructions above, beginning directly after the first image.

    Could you elaborate on your question about international orders?

    On that note, it may be simpler to address your questions in a ticket to ensure alacrity in response.

  • 0
    Stephen - Main Contact

    Thanks Ebele that really helped.

    Have you noticed that when Esty and EFS integrate that a new order # not in our Etsy receipts is generated?

    Also I have found it will not integrate international orders.

    Would be interested in your experiences with Etsy integration.

  • 0
    Stephen - Main Contact

    I searched everywhere.  I cannot find the user Id.  can you help?

  • 0
    Stephen - Main Contact

    Question 1:  where do you find the User Id:

    Question 2:  how to handle international orders?

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