ShipStation Integration Instructions


These instructions will show you how to configure your Fulfillment Control Panel and ShipStation accounts to sync orders. This integration will not import insurance value or signature required flag at this time. If you need to add these options to a shipment please do that through the FCP's Edit Order function

Enable the ShipStation API

In order to use the ShipStation API you will need to have an API Key and an API Secret. To check to see if you account already has an API Key and Secret (or to generate a new one) click on the Gear icon in the top right corner. Then Account>API Settings if you you have an API key already then they will be displayed here and you can skip to the next step. If no API Key or Secret is list then click the Generate New API Keys as shown here.


Whether you had to generate a new key or you already had a key listed we are now ready to continue adding this integration to your FCP account.

Fulfillment Control Panel Settings

Once you have obtained your API Key and Secret you will need to enter it into your Fulfillment Control Panel account. Choose Add Integration from the Integration menu.

Select ShipStation from the list of available platforms and click the “Add new Integration” button.

Enter your API Key and Secret in the fields exactly as it appears in your ShipStation account, making sure there are no leading or trailing spaces.

In most cases this integration will try to fulfill ALL orders from ShipStation, however if you would like us to only fulfill certain orders you can set the Order Tags option to True and we will only fulfill orders that have a Tag set to EFS.  

ShipStation does provide a way to Automatically assign certain tags to orders based on a variety of rules. If you need help with these advance topics please consult your ShipStation Representative.

The next set of options determines the intervals at which we check for new orders. The most common scenario is to check for new orders every 30 minutes.

If you have more than one ShipStation account you may assign a “nickname” to each store to better identify options and settings for each one. 

Click the “Add new Integration” button to finalize the integration settings. You should see a success message at the top of your screen. 

To verify that we can connect to your ShipStation account choose View Integrations from the Integration menu. For each integration you have configured you will see a set of options displayed as colored icons. Click the “suitcase” icon to view the items in your account.

You should see a searchable list of products from your ShipStation store. The list will indicate if the product SKU matches a SKU in our system.

If you do not see a list of products and, instead, see an error message it is likely that your API Key or Secret has been entered incorrectly. Please verify these settings and try again.

Shipment & Tracking Updates

There is an approximately 4 hour delay from the time we ship an order until we send tracking numbers back to ShipStation.

Shipping Methods

When we retrieve your orders from ShipStation the shipping methods are shown as strings of text such as “Free Shipping” or “USPS International Express” or “Federal Express Ground”. 

This text needs to be translated to our internal codes by setting up mappings within the integration configuration.

From your Fulfillment Control Panel account choose View Integrations from the Integration menu and then click the “envelope” icon to view existing shipping mappings.

Carefully type or “copy and paste” the exact text of your shipping method options from ShipStation into the Cart Shipping Method field, then choose from the list of available shipping methods. Next, click the “Add Mapping” button, and then click the link in the success message to refresh the list (you will need to do this before you can add another method). Repeat this until all of your cart ship methods are mapped to our internal codes.

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    Brian Johnson

    This is very helpful for setting things up.  Once the integration is complete will I be able to select which orders I want EFS to ship? I have multiple fulfillers (ship from) set up in my ShipStation account and want to be able to select which individual orders will get pushed to EFS for fulfillment.

    My hope is I can setup a Ship From profile in ShipStation for EFS and then when I assign an order to that Ship From profile it will connect to the API for fullfillment?



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    Dev Team

    Hello Brian,

    Currently the Integration is setup to pull in all orders that have skus matching the skus you have in the FCP.

    I can see how the feature you are looking for is needed, and we actually have that feature in other integrations. Currently though that is not a feature we offer on the this integration. However, currently our team is working on adding that feature to this integration.  Once it is added I will post here and update the docs to reflect the changes.

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    Steve Friend

    Hello Dev Team,

    Will EFS auto pull in orders that drop into Shipstation without me manually having to ship the item from Shipstation's order fulfillment screen?


    Does Shipstation simply collect all orders from our website channels, and we have to fulfill them in Shipstation manually, where it then routes to EFS for final actual pick/pack/ship?

    Your insight appreciated.



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