Reporting of FedEx Surcharges

We wanted to provide our clients with an update regarding the reporting of FedEx surcharges.

On July 20th, FedEx released an update to their server. As a result of that update, FedEx stopped reporting individual surcharges which correspond with each shipment, including residential fees, delivery area surcharges, oversized fees, and more.

At EFS, we rely on the FedEx server to break out those surcharges to our clients, which is why, on the client billing reports for the past two weeks, those surcharges are not consistently broken out.

We want to reassure our clients that you are still being charged the correct total rate for each shipment. The issue is simply a matter of not being able to report an itemized list of each individual surcharge that may have applied.

We are working closely with FedEx to come up with a solution, and we will keep our clients posted. Thank you.

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