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Thank you for choosing eFulfillment Service (EFS) as your order fulfillment partner. We are committed to getting your orders filled with accuracy and speed while meeting your needs for eCommerce integration and reporting. This document will guide you through activating an account with eFulfillment Service and using our services. If you require assistance with any aspect of getting started with our company, please call or submit a ticket, so that we can help.

Overview: The Five Getting Started Steps

Step 1: Configure Your Settings

Step 2: Assign SKUs to Your Products

Step 3: Preparing your Inventory for Shipment

Step 4: Integrate Your eCommerce Platform with EFS (if applicable)

Step 5: Sending Your Inventory to EFS Facility


Step 1 

Configure Your Settings in the Fulfillment Control Panel

As an EFS client, you have 24/7 access to the Fulfillment Control Panel, a web-based order fulfillment system that displays your inventory levels, captures your orders via your chosen submission method and shows the status of all orders. The Fulfillment Control Panel (FCP) generates an order confirmation and tracking emails for you and/or for your customers. The Fulfillment Control Panel can be used for your own business analysis via its reporting functions.

All EFS clients receive a Quick Reference to the Fulfillment Control Panel via your welcome email. Your Client Account Rep. is available to answer FCP questions as well.


Included here are instructions for accessing the Fulfillment Control Panel and configuring the basic settings for your company.

Access the Fulfillment Control Panel (FCP)

To access the Fulfillment Control Panel (FCP), type the online address: You are prompted to enter the login name and password provided to you upon account activation.

Configure Your Basic Settings

Once you have accessed the FCP, you can navigate to the CLIENT INFO MENU>MY SETTINGS to configure your basic settings.

 Set your ship confirmation preferences

If you want ship confirmation emails automatically sent to you, your customers, or both, set those preferences in the STATUS drop-down menu. In the “sent from” box, include the company email address that you want your customers to see. In the “your address” box, include the company email address that should receive a copy of these confirmation emails. Lastly, enter any custom text you would like included in your confirmation emails. To save your preferences, click the UPDATE SHIP CONFIRMATION INFO button.

Reset your password

To change your FCP password, enter your current password, your new password, and then the new password a second time to confirm. To save the change, click the UPDATE PASSWORD button.


RMA Statement

Provide instructions to your customers regarding returns

  • When your orders are shipped from the EFS facility, a packing slip is included in each package. The packing slip includes an area for your company to include instructions to your customers on how to return an item, also known as an RMA Statement.

  • If EFS is handling your returns, you can enter the following instructions: “To return this item(s), please send your return to [ our Company Name], Returns Department, 807 Airport Access Road, Traverse City, MI 49686. Please include this packing list with your return.”

  • If you are routing your returns to another location, you should enter your preferred returns address and any related instructions.

  • You also can use this text area to refer your customers to more complete returns instructions on your website or for other content such as thank yous or promotions. Your returns instructions can be edited or updated for your needs at any time. When you are done, click the UPDATE RMA INFO button.


We recommend that your company have a returns statement on your website that matches the instructions given on your packing slips as customers often inadvertently discard or lose their packing slips.


Opt-In For SMS (Text) Message Notifications!

  • Under the "Client Info" tab, select "SMS Messages".  
  • Click on the link to "ADD NEW SMS NUMBER"
  • Enter the mobile number you wish to receive these messages.  The number format should be with no dashes, only international countries should have the ( + ) in front of the number.

Example:  2315555555 (U.S.)   Example:  +725555555 (Countries outside the U.S.)


  • Select country from the available country list.
  • Select "Create SMS Number".
  • If you decide at any time you wish to opt out of receiving these, repeat the above steps and select and "delete" under "Options".




Your Account Specialist has added their email address to your email notifications for when your first inventory shipment arries.

Please do not delete the account representative's email address or notification type.  Your designated account representative will remove their email address from this page after your first inventory shipment is received into stock.  We need this entry kept under your email settings so that your account can be released as soon as possible and you can begin shipping.




Step 2 

Assign SKUs to Your Products

A Stock Keeping Unit, or SKU, is a unique identifier that you assign to each product your company sells. The EFS team matches your SKU IDs to your inventory as it is received and to your orders as they are filled. You need to assign SKUs and enter them into the Fulfillment Control Panel (FCP) prior to your inventory’s arrival at the EFS facility.

Assign a SKU to each product

  • Your SKU can be any combination of numbers and letters not to exceed ten characters. If you wish, your SKU can match or be a modified version of a UPC, ISBN, or your supplier s product ID. We do not recommend using SKUs that begin with a leading zero (i.e., 0012-HT).

  • You need a SKU for every variation of an item you sell. For example, if you are selling one style of T-shirt in different sizes and colors, you will need a unique SKU for each size of the shirt in each color.

Enter your SKUs in the Fulfillment Control Panel

Once you have assigned your SKUs, you enter them into the Fulfillment Control Panel (FCP).

  • Manual method (Less than 25 SKUs)

To enter SKUs manually, log in to the FCP. Go to CLIENT INFO > VIEW INVENTORY. Click ADD A NEW PRODUCT (on the upper right). The SKU entry form appears for you to complete.

Now enter:

1) SKU number

2) UPC (optional)

3) Description of the item

4) Declared value: Your retail price for this item

5) Customs Harmonization description: A general description of item (such as a book, T-shirt, vitamins) needed for internationally-shipped items

6) Customs Harmonization code:   It allows participating countries to classify traded goods on a common basis for customs clearance.  You must use a minimum of 6 digits.  There is a maximum of 10 digits to a code, depending on how detailed you are in the classifying.  If you are not already familiar with your customs harmonization information for your products, you can use this tool to research.

Customs Harmonization Tool

7) Country of Origin:  Choose from the drop-down menu the country where your product is manufactured.


Click the ADD PRODUCT button. Your full product list appears, where you’ll see the SKU you just added. You can edit the information (Except for the SKU number) for an individual SKU at any time by clicking EDIT next to that SKU.

If you need to rename or delete the SKU itself, contact EFS for help.

  • Spreadsheet method (More than 25 SKUs)

To enter 25 or more SKUs, prepare a spreadsheet file with six columns: SKU, UPC, description, declared value, customs harmonization description, and customs harmonization code. Submit a ticket (with the file attached) and an Account Rep will review the list and handle uploading it to the Fulfillment Control Panel (FCP).


Step 3

Preparing Your Inventory For Shipping

Preparing your inventory with these four simple steps keeps your products secure and ensures that the EFS team can quickly receive/ prepare your products for incoming orders.

Label your products with SKU IDs

Each product shipped to EFS must be labeled with its SKU. If your supplier or manufacturer does not provide labels, you can arrange for EFS to perform this service (see Additional Services and How to Request Them on page 16).

Consider inventory insurance

As you make your shipping preparations, eFulfillment Service encourages you to purchase insurance coverage for your inventory. When in transit and when stored at our facility, your products always remain your property and thus are not covered by any eFulfillment Service insurance policies. You can contact us to provide a referral for off-site inventory insurance if you are interested.

Order additional services as needed

If you require additional services to prepare your inventory for orders, make arrangements now for those services (see page 16 for Additional Services and How to Request Them). These services could include kitting, SKU labeling, the allocation for individual and case quantities of an item, bagging/tagging of apparel, or custom packaging.

Complete the ASN form when your inventory ships, or just prior to it shipping.

Include a packing list with every shipment.

Every inbound shipment of your products should include a packing list that itemizes the product SKUs, descriptions, and quantities on a single document or spreadsheet. If your manufacturers or suppliers do not provide a packing list, you can submit a ticket with a packing list attached, in advance of your shipment. If a packing list is not included or sent in advance, you will be contacted by EFS staff to provide a list and delays in receiving your products can result.


Step 4

Integrate Your eCommerce Platform with eFulfillment Service

Once you have received your login name and password for accessing your account in the Fulfillment Control Panel (FCP), the first step to getting started is to integrate your eCommerce cart or platform with our order fulfillment system. Two key aspects of this integration process are setting up your order submission method and putting the shipping codes in your eCommerce cart or platform. When ready to initiate integration, you should notify us by submitting a ticket as noted below.

Search our Integration Forum for your Shopping Cart

  • If you don't see an Integration Guide listed in our forum yet please submit a ticket request to us with Integration Request in the subject line.

Depending on your eCommerce cart/platform and the level of integration available for that cart, an Account Rep. will respond by providing you with:

  • Configuration instructions for integrating your cart/platform with the Fulfillment Control Panel (FCP)

  • Templates you can use to generate and upload .csv files containing your order information to the FCP. Uploads can be made as often as needed throughout the day.

  • Instructions for entering orders manually

Configure your cart with the shipping codes

The Integration Guide or your Account Rep will provide you with a list of current shipping codes (codes that correspond to methods such as Economy Lightweight, Ground, Expedited, Overnight, etc.) to be incorporated into your cart or platform.



Step 5

Sending Your Inventory to the EFS Facility

Choose an inbound shipping company


The general guidelines for domestic shipping are:

  • For shipments weighing less than 200 pounds, the cost-effective choice is FedEx/UPS Ground.

  • For shipments between 200 and 500 pounds, the cost-effective choice is Truck Freight Service.*

  • For shipments over 500 pounds, the cost-effective choice is truck freight (offered by various carriers).

*EFS offers an inbound truck freight discount program, so not only can we provide the most competitive quote, but we also extend our 70% discount. Your inbound freight charges will be passed through to you on your EFS invoice. If you would like to take advantage of this program, contact your account representative to get an estimate. You are not required to use this program. 


If your products are imported, you’ll need to arrange for an international brokerage for your shipments to the EFS facility. Most common carriers can provide this service for you. eFulfillment Service regularly works with international brokerage firms, and you can contact us to provide a referral if you are interested.

Ship using the standard address format

Your products should be shipped to the EFS facility with the following standard address format:

Important! Deviation from this format will likely cause delays in receiving your items.

Your Company Name

Receiving Dept.

807 Airport Access Road – Unit D

Traverse City, MI 49686

Notify EFS that the shipment is on its way

When your initial inventory is ready to ship, please submit a ticket so that the EFS team can plan for your incoming shipment.

What to expect after your shipment arrives

When your products arrive at our facility, the EFS team performs a careful count and inspection of the items in the shipment. We also weigh and measure each SKU when it arrives at our facility for the first time. They will then enter the quantities received to your inventory list in the Fulfillment Control Panel. They notify you if there are any damaged items or discrepancies between what you expected and what was received.

  • Receiving times can vary drastically by the type and quantity of SKUs sent in, please allow at least 2-3 business days for us to process your shipment.

  • If additional services are required, such as bagging, labeling, or both, please add an additional 2-3 business days.

Optional/Additional Services and How to Request Them

eFulfillment Service offers a diverse range of additional services to assist our clients. Fees for these services vary according to the type of service and scope of the work you request.

Common additional services

  • Returns processing

  • Kitting/Light assembly: such as bundling of a product with its instructions, bundling an item with a promotional piece, bundling different items into one SKU, etc.

  • SKU labeling of products

  • Apparel bagging and tagging


How to request additional services

To request any additional services, please submit a ticket and provide a detailed description of what you need. Our Account Reps. will review the request, contact you with any follow-up questions, and then provides a quote for the services. Once EFS quotes your project, we wait for your approval before work begins.


Be sure to leave plenty of lead time to arrange for additional services.


Support for any aspect of your account is handled through our Zendesk Ticket System.  Please be sure to click on the link in your Welcome Letter that guides you through setting up your own Zendesk account. 

Please note:  We cannot create a login for you for Zendesk, only for your EFS dashboard.  These are two (2) separate systems.

Help with Getting Started

During the "Getting Started" phase, your communication will be restricted to your dedicated Clent Care Account Specialist.  Please respond directly to the Welcome Ticket that was sent to you as it will go directly to the Client Care queue.  You can also feel free to call using the contact information in your Welcome Ticket.  


eFulfillment Service is committed to providing prompt, friendly service to your business. We know your customers are eagerly expecting their orders, and we strive to resolve order issues or problems quickly. We are available to assist you with any questions regarding inventory, billing, returns, IT/integration, additional services you've requested, etc.

After the initial set-up phase, and after your inventory has arrived, for routine service issues and questions, our web-based ticket system is very effective and efficient. You can access this system 24/7 through any of the following three methods:

Via the Fulfillment Control Panel (FCP):

Go to CLIENT INFO > SUPPORT and then complete the form

Alternatively, there will be a floating tab, on the top right, of most of the pages, in the FCP that says ‘SUPPORT’. Click on it and enter your question.


You can go directly to the support system to submit a ticket at: 


You can send an email to:

 All of these methods will create a ticket in our system that is routed to the relevant department, escalated to an appropriate manager if needed, and tracked until you and the EFS team agree that the issue (and thus the ticket) is closed.

Client Satisfaction

You are a valued client, and your overall satisfaction with eFulfillment Service is important to us. If you are not satisfied with how an issue is being handled or are not satisfied with any aspect of our service to you, we invite you to contact Linda Sorna, Client Services Director, at (231) 276-5057 x207 to discuss your concerns and give us the opportunity to meet your needs and expectations.

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