MSI Worldwide Mail - November 25th-2014

Belgium- Update Nationwide:
The unions in Belgium have announced strikes for the upcoming period. As a result delays will occur in the process and delivery of mail and parcels.

November 24-Province of Antwerp, Limberg, Henegouwen and Luxumbourg
December 1-Province of Luik, Namen, East and West Flanders
December 8-Province of Flemish and Walloon and the district of Brussels
December 15-Nationwide Strike

Continuous rain in many regions of Italy has caused landslides and road closures. Collection and delivery of mail may be delayed in the following postcode areas: 00XXX, 16XXX, 19XXX, 54XXX, 97XXX and 98XXX.

High volumes of mail arriving in to Shanghai and Guangzhou are resulting in backlogs and capacity issues with the postal system. Delays are anticipated.

Severe flooding in southern Switzerland has resulted in delays to postal services in the following postcode areas: 657X and 66XX. There have been mail delays in these areas since November 11th and there is currently no indication as to when this will end.

Due to high volumes of mail into Frankfurt, there are currently delays in mail processing and delivery of mail and parcels. This has been affecting service since the end of October.

Ongoing Suspension of Mail Delivery:
Postal services to the following countries are on hold until further notice: Sierra Leone and Liberia (Ebola Outbreak), South Africa, Libya, Ukraine and Syria.

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