MSI Worldwide Mail - November 14th 2014

Due to severe flooding in the southern part of Switzerland, delays are expected in the delivery of all postal items for postal codes 657X and 66XX, arriving in the country from November 11th onwards.

Delivery delays are expected for mail and parcels in many regions of Italy due to continuous rain causing landslides and road closures. The following postcode areas will be affected: 00XXX, 16XXX, 19XXX, 54XXX, 98XXX and 97XXX.

Due to the high volume of mail into Frankfurt, delays in the processing and delivery of mail are expected over the next few weeks.

Expect delays in Perpignan la Catalane (66000) due to industrial action.

Postal services to the following countries are still on hold until further notice: South Africa, Libya, Ukraine and Syria.

Ebola Virus
Flights into Sierra Leone and Liberia are still suspended until further notice.

Public Holidays
Belgium, USA, France-November 11th

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