MSI Worldwide Shipments - October 15th 2014

South Africa
Delays for all inbound and outbound mail in the Gauteng province are to be expected due to an ongoing strike by postal workers.

Due to an ongoing strike at Peruvian Post, all airlines have now launched an embargo for all mail products at LIM, effective immediately. All mail destined for Peru will be put on hold.

Delays are expected in the Rouen Madrillet region (76100) due to industrial action.

Postal codes in Norway have been updated. Please check your customer data to ensure accurate information:

Additional International Services
Postal services to the following countries are still on hold until further notice: Libya, Syria and Ukraine.

Flights into Sierra Leone and Liberia are still suspended until further notice due to the ongoing outbreak of the Ebola Virus.

International Public Holidays in October
USA and Canada, October 13th
Israel, October 16th
Austria, October 26th
Ireland, October 27th
Germany, October 31st

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