MSI Worldwide Mail - September 16th 2014

United Kingdom-Air
On Friday morning the flight from Aberdeen to Sumburgh (Shetland Isles) was late arriving due to fog at Sumburgh Airport. As a result mail due for delivery on Friday was delayed. Fog also played a part again on Saturday morning, however this time the flight was cancelled and all mail was transferred via the road/ferry network. As a result of this mail due for delivery on Saturday will arrive later than planned.

United Kingdom-Road
On Friday night vehicles transporting mail from the Manchester and Preston Royal Mail Centres to the Royal Mail National Distribution Centre arrived late, and mail was unable to travel on connecting services. As a result of this a small amount of mail posted in the BL, M, OL, SK, BB, FY, LA and PR postcode areas on Friday for delivery in parts of the South East, London, the Midlands and South West is likely to arrive later than planned.

Ebola virus: Flights into Sierra Leone and Liberia have been suspended in order to contain the Ebola Virus outbreak. No mail will be shipped to these destinations until further notice.

Postal services to the following countries are still on hold until further notice: Libya, Ukraine and Syria.

Scotland, Local Holiday- Broxburn, Dalkeith and parts of Edinburgh
Due to a local holiday in the area there will be no deliveries in the EH4 to EH10, EH13, EH22, EH23, EH28, EH36 to EH38 and EH52 postcode areas yesterday, Monday 15 September. Collections will be performed as usual. Normal service will resume tomorrow, Tuesday 16 September.

Air France has declared a strike, commencing on 9/15/15 and lasting through 9/22/14. This will have a definitive impact on mail delivery during this time. Delays will occur.

International Holidays in September:
Vietnam-September 1
Canada, Malaysia, Slovakia, United States-September 2
Bulgaria, China-September 6
Brazil, China, South Korea-September 7
China, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Malta, S. Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan-September 8
Hong Kong, Korea-September 9
Spain-September 11
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Japan, Slovakia-September 15
Israel-September 25 and 26

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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