In the new Shopify API, our US orders only filter can no longer effectively discriminate between fulfillments for the US and fulfillments internationally.  If you want to be able to separate which fulfillments come to our fulfillment center, you will have to use Shopify’s system of shipping profiles in order to control that workflow.  This guide serves as instruction for how to set up shipping profiles in your store.


Before we get started, it is crucial that you understand the limitations of Shopify’s shipping profiles.  Shopify has a strict limitation of one shipping profile per product.  If you want one product to have a different shipping rate than another, or if you want a set of products to be fulfilled at an international fulfillment center and have a different set of products fulfilled by us, shipping profiles can absolutely handle this.  However, you can not have the same product fulfilled internationally if it has an international address and also fulfilled by us if it has a US address.  Previously, we had the capability to support this because of our US-orders only filter, but Shopify does not have native support for this situation.  The only solution at this point would be to create an international variant for all products that you wish to have fulfilled at different fulfillment centers based on order destination.


With that advice in mind, here are the instructions for setting up a new US directed shipping profile that will replace your US-orders only filter.


Step 1: Navigate to the Settings tab of your dashboard, and click on the Shipping and delivery section of the settings.  Right at the top, you will see the Shipping section, where you can click on the Create new profile link to begin creating a new profile.





Step 2: Name your shipping profile, and then click on the Add products link.



Select the products you want to add to the shipping profile, and click done.


Step 3: Select the appropriate fulfillment location, and then click Create zone.



Name the zone, and select United States(you can select International if creating an international shipping profile, and you can also select any number of specific countries or states if you want finer control).  Once you are finished, click the done button.



Step 4: Create your shipping rates.  Click on the Add rate button under your newly created shipping zone.


You can either add your own rates, including markups based on item weight or order price, or you can select a carrier and have Shopify use carrier APIs to determine an appropriate rate.  Note that this rate will be based on the consumer API for the carrier, not our rates.



Click done, and then save your shipping profile, and now the products you have selected will only be able to ship to the US.


Please let us know any questions or concerns via the Zendesk ticket system.  We will be monitoring Zendesk continuously. 


Linda L. Sorna, Client Care Manager

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