eFulfillment Service is Now Offering ePacket!

We are excited to announce the launch of a new international shipping option, called ePacket. To help you get to know ePacket and how to start using it, we've provided some FAQs below....
What is ePacket?
As the name implies, ePacket was developed specifically for ecommerce, and is an international shipping option developed, in part, by the U.S. Postal Service back in 2011.  
Like our current International Priority Airmail ("IPA") service, our ePacket service is offered through Asendia, one of the world's leading ecommerce shipping providers.  
Each day, Asendia will pick up ePacket shipments from our facility, process those packages at their hub in Illinois, and then insert those packages into the same network which processes USPS First Class International packages. 
What is the expected delivery timeframe with ePacket?
The average delivery timeframe is between 7-10 days. For some locations, delivery may take up to 21 days. 
Does ePacket include tracking and delivery confirmation? 
Yes, all ePacket shipments include tracking and final delivery confirmation. 
Are there any restrictions with ePacket?
The maximum package weight with ePacket is 4.4 pounds (2 kg). The longest dimension may not exceed 24 inches and the height, length and thickness (maximum together) is 36 inches. Merchandise value must be less than $400 USD. 
What if my packages are too heavy or too large for ePacket?
When packages are too heavy or too large to be shipped via ePacket, we will automatically upgrade those packages to USPS Priority Mail International. 

Which countries are we able to ship to using ePacket?
ePacket is currently available to 28 countries. You can click here to download a list of those countries. 
What if I submit an ePacket order but it's shipping to a country not on the list?
If you submit an order to ship via ePacket but that order is supposed to ship to a country that is not currently supported by ePacket, we will automatically upgrade it to Priority Mail International. 
How much does ePacket cost?
For packages up to 4.4 pounds that require tracking, ePacket is now our most cost-effective international shipping option. Here is a breakdown of how ePacket compares to First Class International for various weights and countries...
Click here to download our international shipping options and rates (you will see a tab for ePacket on the bottom). 
Does ePacket include shipping insurance?
No, shipping insurance is not currently available with ePacket.
How do I start using ePacket
To begin using ePacket, simply submit packages using the following shipping code...
When am I able to start using ePacket?
You may begin using ePacket any time! 
We are excited to provide you with a more cost-effective trackable option for your international shipments. If you have questions, please contact us through our support system.
Thank you! 
eFulfillment Service Team
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    Natalie Martzolf

    Will there be insurance on ePacket packages? I don't see any mention of this.

  • 0
    Steve Bulger

    Hi Natalie -

    Thank you for reaching out. No, there is no shipping insurance available with ePacket. I have added this to the FAQs above. Thank you.

  • 0
    Ebele Okocha

    Hi is there an option to set it to upgrade to First Class International vs Priority International if ePacket is not available in the service area?

  • 0
    Steve Bulger

    Hi Ebele - 

    Thanks for the comment. We're currently upgrading it to Priority Mail International, and unfortunately we're not able to customize it per client; however, given that it's a new service, we are evaluating things and certainly will be listening to feedback from our clients to perhaps make changes in the future, such as the one you mentioned. 

    Thank you,


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    Steve Bulger

    Hi Stephen - 

    Yes, this has been fixed, and you should not have this tracking issue with all future ePacket shipments. I apologize for the trouble.


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