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Integration Instructions Disclaimer

Please note:

  1. Big Cartel’s integration API, which allows us to connect and retrieve order data, is new and is labeled as in beta version by them. Therefore it is subject to change and has some potential for bugs.

  2. eFulfillment’s integration module is brand new and has only been tested internally. It may also contain bugs.

  3. That said, the integration has been tested as described below and does appear to be functioning properly.

Our Big Cartel integration module will attempt to retrieve a list of all orders flagged as unshipped from your Big Cartel account. The module will attempt to submit each order to your Fulfillment Control Panel account, if it hasn’t previously been attempted.

Once we ship your order we will attempt to change the status in Big Cartel to “shipped”, but we cannot add tracking numbers as this is not supported.

Product SKUs
Since Big Cartel does not keep track of product SKU in their system, you will need to add your product SKU at the end of your product description in Big Cartel.

Our integration module will look for “SKU:” in your description text and use ALL following text as your product SKU.

If your products have options like size or color, our integration module will combine the SKU from the description with your option name to produce the final SKU that is submitted to your Fulfillment Control Panel account.

Consider the following example:

  1. You sell a shirt with different sizes and your product SKUs look like“SHIRT-X-LARGE” and “SHIRT-SMALL”.

  2. The very last bit of text in your product description in BigCartel should read “SKU:SHIRT-“.

  3. Your options should read “SMALL” and “X-LARGE”.

Shipping Methods

Big Cartel does not offer a way to distinguish different shipping methods such as ground, express, and international.
Our integration module will assign shipping codes to your incoming orders based on their destination country.
Domestic orders will be assigned “DOMESTIC_DEFAULT” while international orders will be assigned “INTER- NATIONAL_DEFAULT”.
When you set up your integration you can configure those codes to map to specific services from USPS, UPS, or FedEx.

Getting Started

First you must grant us access to your Big Cartel order data.
Visit the following URL, enter your eFulfillment Merchant Id, and click the “connect” button.

Log into your Big Cartel account if necessary, then click the “Allow” button.

You should be re-directed back to an eFulfillment page which lists the access token and account id you will need to complete the integration.


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