EFS requires that we receive Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) for each inbound shipment to our facility. To make this easy, we have created a short form so that you can quickly enter the details for your inbound shipment. 
Please click here to view our ASN form
We ask that you submit one ASN form for each shipment. For example, if you have two shipments that are inbound from two different suppliers, even if those two shipments are both scheduled to arrive to us on the same day, we will need two ASN forms completed. 
If there is information that you do not have while completing the form (i.e. - tracking number), we ask that you fill in the details you do have at that time, and go back to edit the form once you have the remaining details. To allow you to easily edit the form at a later point, please make sure to send an email copy of the ASN to yourself, which you can do at the bottom of the form prior to submitting it.
Once the form is submitted, your ASN will immediately reach our Receiving and Customer Service departments. If edits are made at a later point, those edits will immediately reach us, as well.
While this is an extra step as part of the inbound shipping process, it is one that will allow us to better plan for incoming merchandise, and one that will ultimately be a benefit to our clients in order to help enable faster dock-to-stock times.
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